Social content for Dairy Queen, Canada Post, Viacom, and Proctor & Gamble 

Chicken Strips

Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation

Copy: These aren’t just your average chicken tenders. These are DQ Chicken Strips. Watch and learn:

Blue jays

Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation

Dip, dunk, dive

Role: Colour, Text Animation

Copy: How do you take your DQ Honey BBQ Glazed Chicken Strips? Whether you dip, dunk, or dive into the dipping sauce, every mouthful is going to be delicious. For a limited time only!


Role: Art Direction, Animation

Copy: What will it be? Smarties and Oreo? Salted Caramel Truffle and Chocolate Xtreme? Get your second BLIZZARD Treat for only 99 cents with BOGO, March 19-28.

Going up series

Role: Design, Animation

Full Series Here

soundbites series

Role: Animation, Compositing

Full Series Here

Free shipping tuesdays

Role: Animation

Direct mail statistics

Role: Animation

vicks vaporub

Role: Animation

Copy: Put your cough symptoms to bed with Vicks VapoRub.

dayquil #nosickdays

Role: Animation, compositing

align probiotic gummies

Role: Animation, compositing

Copy: Our new great-tasting gummies help to nourish and add good bacteria to your digestive system to support a healthy gut.*